Friday, September 19, 2014

What He Says: Gavin McInnes on American Martyrs

OMG thank you. 


Why is Gavin McInnes the only Western writer, other than Ann Coulter asking why the hell people are trotting off to Ebola Land and JihadiLand VOLUNTARILY?


"Er, no offense to people being beheaded in the Middle East but, uh, what are you doing there?"

I don't care about the jihad "story". I know the story already: kill the infidels. I get it. I don't need more stories and "explanations".

And as for Ebola-it is STUPID to go to places where that disease is spreading. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

As Ann Coulter pointed out in her recent column-there is plenty of charity work to be done in America. Plenty. 

There is a big difference between walking into jihad land and getting killed than being randomly killed by a terrorist.

Here's more from McInnes on SunTV.

I'm with Gavin. Make martyrs, don't be one.