Tuesday, September 16, 2014

What a Load of Dogsqueeze: Hockey Canada Sent to Trans Re-Education Gulag

Is there nothing sacred?

Apparently not. Not even the hockey dressing room.

The Ontario Human Rights Commission has ruled that underage hockey players can now determine which dressing room they wish to undress in-deciding not by plumbing but by "feeling" about "which gender" they "identify" with. 

How happy will the parents of teenaged girls be to have a boy with a penis show up in their dressing room?

Just great.

Again, the only parent talking about this is the parent of the trangendered person. 

It's always just the mother.

I don't recall ever seeing a story about one of these allegedly transgendered children where there were two heterosexual married parents talking about the situation.

Not ever.

It's always the mother, and she's always a single parent.

So there's that.