Monday, September 29, 2014

Excellent: Why Liberals Love the Disease Theory of Addiction, And Why This Liberal Hates It

This is an outstandingly clear essay. 

Instinctively, I reject the "disease" model because I believe in free choice.

Not every poor person decides to destroy their life with drugs.

Many people, born into poor situations, like my friend Kathy Shaidle, rise above it. 

So this explains very nicely why I can't stand the "disease" model.

“Addiction Does Not Discriminate,” liberal disease theory acolytes typically trumpet."

"Except it does."

"The disease theory has everything the media demands: star power, drama, and a personal moral lesson linked to tragedy. It also suits politicians by endorsing their instinct to try to suppress drug use and their wish to be seen as uncompromising against a public menace. And strange to say, the moral lesson many liberals derive from those who become addicted—since they can’t lay it at the feet of social forces—is the same just-say-no temperance message that they mock when it comes from the likes of a Nancy Reagan."

(There is also a lot of money at stake in the addiction industry. Big Addiction makes a lot of people rich. Shelters, safe houses, counselors, physicians, rehab places, research, pharma...follow the moolah...)