Friday, September 19, 2014

Mark Steyn: Descent Into Barberism

Mark Steyn is the reigning King of the English Language.

Long live The King of Prose. 


"Descent Into Barberism". 

I mean, seriously: GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!

(Not you, Mark, ha ha! You can hang out if you like...)

I like this essay because of its incredible header, but more importantly because Steyn cites some random, strange, right-wing, Zionist Jewish mother SteynFrau from Toronto!


Thus without further ado-and when I say ado, I mean a hairdo: 

Steyn on American Bureaucratic Barberism (OK, I don't just like this, I rather love it) and "Hair Team Six" (soooo butch):

"If a constable does not instinctively understand that there is something wrong - and, indeed, profoundly wicked - about a "license inspection" that involves handcuffing the barber, he's unlikely to be unduly disturbed by the possibility of a judicial slapdown four years hence, assuming that the rubes he's cuffing are savvy enough to take it that far. For a sense of the esprit of the Florida regulatory environment, consider the words of one officer to barber Reginald Trammon:
When Trammon argued to one of the officers that he had done nothing wrong, the officer responded, " It's a pretty big book, I'm pretty sure I can find something in here to take you to jail for."
Indeed. As Laura Rosen Cohen comments:
Let's recap a few basics.
The police are YOUR employees.
Your employees are pointing loaded guns at you and raiding your homes in military style.
That's a problem.

Starting your day being quoted by Mark Steyn is kind of like getting your coffee just right, you know, that nice Italian Lavazza and the crema foams perfectly and it smells so nice, and the foamy milk comes out all soft and silky, and then you sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, and you take a sip and sigh slightly, and...oh..wait a minute...GOT DISTRACTED... SORRY WHERE WERE WE?


Read the whole thing!