Thursday, September 11, 2014

I Do Love The Cut of Ted Cruz's Jib-UPDATED With Caroline Glick


Have read this a number of times and the more I do, the more I think that Ted Cruz has national leadership potential for America.

"I told the attendees that those who hate Israel also hate America," Cruz said.

"That those who hate Jews also hate Christians. And that anyone who hates Israel and the Jewish people is not following the teachings of Christ. These statements were met with angry boos. I went on to tell the crowd that Christians in the Middle East have no better friend than Israel. That Christians can practice their faith free of persecution in Israel. And that ISIS, al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, along with their state sponsors in Syria and Iran, are all part of the same cancer, murdering Christians and Jews alike. Hate is hate, and murder is murder."

And this:

"Antisemitism is a corrosive evil, and it reared its ugly head tonight."


And thanks to "G" for sending me the Breitbart link.


Caroline Glick on Cruz's leadership and moral clarity and Obama the politician. 

Good stuff.