Friday, September 5, 2014

Really Good: PJ Media Interviews Nigel Farage

Read the whole thing!

"We will get our country back. We will get our sovereignty back. We will get out of this European project and get back to being a parliamentary nation. But we will be a nation with huge divides. And that makes me very sad."

From your mouth to G-d's ears, Nigel.

More from this great interview:

"Adams: What does UKIP have to offer the average person who senses that something has come unhinged in the UK?

Farage: I think really, our appeal is to ordinary people. Our appeal is to working class people. Our appeal is to blue collar people. What do we have to offer? Firstly, pride and belief in nation. An identity, which is actually quite fundamental for an awful lot of people yet is considered to be an embarrassment to the metropolitan elites and their friends in the media. Proper immigration control. We can’t turn the clock back. But we can stop things from getting more difficult than they currently are. Higher wages. Because if you stop the uncontrolled flow and oversupply of labor into the marketplace, people will earn more money. And, I think, a country that will actually begin to understand once again, who it is.

Adams: What do you think is great about the UK that Conservatives no longer seem to be willing to say? What about the history, the culture, whatever?

Farage: Parliamentary democracy, rule of law, Magna Carta — these are all things for which we should be uniquely proud. Uniquely proud. And yet, we’ve subjugated all of those things to a new set of institutions across our seas. It’s unacceptable."