Thursday, December 11, 2014

"I Have A Young Soul and I Am Connected to G-d"

Great story via Chabad.

"Shlomo Lichtenberg’s story begins in Bucharest, Rumania, where he was born in 1929. Together with his family, he relocated to Argentina as a child."

“My Jewish education was very limited,” he recalls.

“I spent one year studying with a Russian-born teacher in preparation for my Bar Mitzvah—and that was it.”

"When asked about the stamina needed to keep a rigorous yeshivah schedule that entails learning from early morning to deep into the evening, he explains:

"I grew up with anti-Semitism in Argentina, but I was never afraid of a challenge, and that is how I am alive now at 85."

"Everybody asks how I am so energetic, and I reply that I have a young soul and am connected to G‑d.”