Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Mark Steyn: Free Speech Crusader and Sartorial Celebrity

Free speech, blah blah blah whatever, zzzzz!


Fantastic cut and lovey harmony between the tie and pocket square, I mean seriously SHUT UP!!!! 

And by "shut up" what I mean is-Mark Steyn: Never shut up and keep looking sharp!  

Reliable sources point me to this fine establishment.


Anyhoo, I'm really just staying true to my blog mission-commenting on important stuff!!

You know, the other day, that evil SEEEKRIT JOOOOO Kathy Draidlebaum was having a brain freeze and a column was due the next morning and she was kvetching about it a bit, so Dr. Laura (that would be me) had to step in and give her a prescription:

Take two People magazines and call me in the morning. 

We all need a break from politics, jihad and the collapse of civilizations once in a while.

For Mark Steyn it's music and Broadway, for me it's celebrity gossip (especially the "SEE 'X' WITH NO MAKE UP ON-yes, I know it's horrible of me but too bad) and fashion and oh, of course, can't forget the truly important thing commenting on Mark Steyn's wardrobe.

Be what you want to be, but for goodnesssssssssake BESPOKE!!!!

Do watch this whole video, in which Steyn gives an update about his battle with Big Climate, Michael Mann's reluctance to debate anyone who disagrees with him and the Climafiossos trying to shut people up if they dare disagree with the "settled" science (of which there is none, and if you missed this article, check it out, it's a really good one).