Wednesday, March 14, 2012

israel apartheid week

I have been thinking a lot recently about “Israel Apartheid Week”, and Barbara Kay wrote a good piece about it this morning in the National Post. 

*Waves to Barbara!*

Something about the whole business has been bothering me for some time, but I haven’t put my finger on it until now. 

Now, I am not a community “leader”. In fact, I would venture to say that I am vigorously disliked by most (self-appointed) community “leaders” and that’s fine with me. I’m just a Jew with an opinion, no more, no less. 

So, here’s what I am thinking about “Israel Apartheid Week”, and what we should do about it: NOTHING.

If you enter into a discussion with someone about “Israeli Apartheid” you are automatically the loser.

You have not only given this argument credence, but you have voluntarily stepped into the “so, when did you stop beating your wife” situation. It doesn’t matter what you say in your defense, you are guilty. 
And let’s face it, the traditional response of the “organized” Jewish community to Israel Apartheid Week has been basically the same as what I am suggesting: NOTHING. 

Oddly, even though they have  money behind them-we’re not exactly a poor, ethnic community anymore, and even though they are the “leaders”, it seems like most of the action has been getting quoted in the Canadian Jewish News about how awful it is, or blowing a fat wad of cash on putting a full-page ad in some national newspaper-preaching to the converted, in my view. 

They give good quote, and good ad but that's about it on this file.

For years, students on Canadian university campuses have been basically begging “leaders” for funding, attention, and help as they annually wade their way through this activist cesspool alone. 

That the students have attempted to do an Israel Peace Week, or Israel: A Party week this year is a good start and certainly a better approach. But I would tweak the program a bit. 

That’s where my “NOTHING” strategy differs from the Organized Jewish Community Leaders and the Professional Jews.  Or as Ezra Levant calls them: the OJ’s, the Official Jews. 

I would do absolutely nothing “in response” to Israel Apartheid Week. I would let them huff and puff all they want, amongst their ilk and celebrate their Israel hate-on at full volume (11). 

I would plan a better week of activities that had nothing to do with “countering” Israeli Apartheid. I would do activities that were fun and interesting for students and the general population that showcased the good of Israel and the Jewish people-not targeted to the activist community, but to the public in general. Not to “prove” how great Israel and the Jews are, just because it’s the truth and it’s something to celebrate. 

That’s what “Never Again” means by the way. It means, we’re here, we’re sticking around, we don’t need your approval so deal with it.
I would include a massive party, with copious alcoholic Israeli libations, excellent food, and try to get a raffle prize donated of a few free trips to Israel-the kind that Jewish “leaders” go on all the time.  These are known in Jew-speak as “missions”. I'd invite all the Israel programs to strut their stuff there as well.

Maybe the local community could donate the participation of a couple of “leaders” who have been to Israel before?  This should be the Jew-hosted party of the season. It should be the kind of thing that people BEG to get tickets to. Sort of like TIFF parties (in the suck-up sense). It could have a swag station as well.

I would think about having the best concerts ever with Israeli musicians-of which there are some fantastic talents-I’m thinking Idan Reichel, Moshe Peretz, Hadag Nachash, Subliminal and others. 

I would also refer to “Israel Apartheid Week” exclusively as Annual Antisemitism Season (ASS for short). Or the annual “I Hate Jews” week. I would make the t-shirts and wear them.

Put these losers on the defensive-let them explain how they are not a bunch of anti-Semites.  Or not. Who cares? 

All these folks have done is found a new way to make Jewish people and their supporters furious, without actually inspiring them to do very much about it except cluck about it in familiar circles

So who are the real idiots? Us!

It's kind of like buying a hat in the subway to "help" the homeless, or buying a ribbon for whatever-it makes that person feel really, really good about themselves but actually doesn't do anything. Sort of like "helping the planet" by buying carbon credits whilst sitting on one's fat ass on the internet from the comfort of one's living room!

“Israel Apartheid Week” has replaced the “Zionism is Racism” movement. ZZZZZZZZZZZ. So what?
Who cares? 

We cannot and should not aim to win “the hearts and minds” of these people (see Afghanistan). 

No money should be spent on such efforts and no attention should be focused on this-it’s a losing battle, for losers. 

And, I would be happy to put my time and the community’s money where my (big) mouth is.  

Dear OJs: You’re welcome!