Sunday, March 18, 2012

Why the UK Is screwed

For a lot of reasons, clearly. But this article explains how democracies are essentially run by civil servants/public servants/bureaucrats-who wish to impose their ideas on a captive citizenry. This is the case in North America, in much of Europe and somewhat in other English-speaking Commonwealth countries. In "The Civil Servants Are the Masters Nowadays", it is very well put: 

"How is it, then, that a government is frustrated by the very people it appoints? Here we come to the huge problem nowadays of our permanent official and semi-official classes. So weak is Parliament, and so nervous is government of looking over-political, that these classes fill the gap left by “here today, gone tomorrow” politicians."

"If you look, for example, at the public appointments rules introduced in the name of procedural correctness, or of “diversity” (which, by an Orwellian effect, really means uniformity), you will see that they are run by civil servants. Naturally, they choose people appealing to the civil servant’s cast of mind. Everywhere – in the appointment of peers or quangocrats, in IPSA, the body which decides on MPs’ expenses, or on the Committee for Standards in Public Life – unelected people lay down the moral law for the elected. They welcome the opinions of interest groups, and exclude those of the public and the people the public elect."