Monday, March 26, 2012

Higher Education

Learn, study, explore...

Kathy quips: "To boldly go...where no university has gone before".

Apparently, McGill university's pursuit of excellence includes vaginal fisting workshops. 

What could possibly be wrong with that? It was run by experts!

It was run by a sex blogger and kink historian. A what?

Now, I have a history degree, but I don't recall being offered a course in kink. That was strictly extracurricular for those that chose.

The workshop Zanin gave at McGill included a live demonstration. I wonder how William Shatner feels about his namesake building being used for this purpose?

QM [Queer McGill] Social Coordinator Lindsey Clark said that the week was scheduled to occur in campus buildings due to increased accessibility for booking event space, and to make it easier for students to attend those events.

“It was a mixture of consciousness and also just ease of event,” she said.

“It partly was conscious that we were having it within the school environment because we feel it is an educational series, that it is important that that be a part of the ‘McGill education,’ but I think it was never fully a conscious choice.”

I'm sure parents and alumni and donors are delighted!

Not unrelated:

"Just like any other business."

There is nothing sacred anymore. Nothing.