Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Idiot People

Jews can be very smart. When they are dumb, they can be dumber than a bag of hammers. 

When they are ultra-liberals (first), a lot of the obtuseness is understandable, but no less reprehensible.   

I saw this article about professor Noah Feldman blathering on about broccoli and thought to myself-Feldman, Noah Feldman, where have I heard this name before?  

Oh-now I remember! 

He is the one who got his Harvard knickers in a knot because he thought his Orthodox Yeshiva had an issue with his Korean wife. Imagine that!

They airbrushed him! It would have been easier, he claimed, if they had excommunicated him like Baruch Spinoza (quite the comparison-no ego issue there). 

There were many responses at the time, so I’ll just share one for now

Personally, I have no problem with an Orthodox Jewish institution, or individual not celebrating intermarriage.  That’s what makes Orthodox Jews Orthodox. They believe that intermarriage should not be celebrated-but countered and opposed. 

A lot of people who marry outside the faith want to bully other Jews into celebrating their intermarriage. There are those who will not go along with that charade, and I salute them. 

It appears though that Feldman has moved from whining about Photoshop and his non-Jewish bride, and non-Jewish child and whatnot in the New York Times to weighing in on the Obama care plan, which hopefully, with any luck, will soon experience an acute case of rigor mortis at the hands of the Supreme Court judges of America. 

This is his assessment: 

“...when it comes to the strange and unusual case of health insurance, inaction causes the whole market to break down. By not buying health insurance, the healthiest person is depriving everyone of a public good. By sitting on their hands -- and acting rationally -- people who do not purchase insurance are unintentionally causing the market to fail.”

In other words, the success or failure of the entire health care market is dependent on the people who rationally do not purchase a particular product in America! They harm the public good because they do not wish to purchase a certain good/product.  And the government will make this better how? 

Therefore, going by this logic, the public good will is served by forcing Americans to purchase a product against their own better (“rational”) judgement.  They should be forced to buy something that is irrational in order to make a marketplace “succeed”.

That is absolutely ridiculous.  The only success that could result is the massive winfall for the federal government. Their ownership of healthcare effectively nationalizes one of the biggest industries in the country (perhaps the biggest). 

There is a market for absolutely everything in America-even less than optimum health care plans. There are companies and entrepreneurs itching for even a small percentage of that market.

The market has a mind of its own, and the less government interferes in any markets, the better. 

I suppose Professor Noah Feldman is too busy to look a little bit north to Canada, where socialized medicine has been in place ever since a perky young eugenics enthusiast named Tommy Douglas brought it to our fair country. 

We have a “Medicare Bubble”.   

Ontario is a province in such dire financial straits for many reasons, too numerous to list here.

But when a government spends .46 cents out of every single dollar it has on health care, it is a slight problem.  There is even an official web site about “Wait Times”. 

There are “wait times” because the system is overloaded, therefore care and resources are rationalized. 

I dearly hope Obama care is overturned. 

Repeatedly explaining to people why getting all this “free” stuff is just not working is frankly exhausting.  

It’s bad enough here in Ontario, but the United Kingdom’s NHS provides an even more accurate picture of socialized medicine. 

The American scale is much greater, and and therefore the potential scale of destruction is far more ominous. 

The attempt by the utopian Obama administration to aggressively attempt to nationalize American bodies and souls must be fought vigorously.

The stakes are dangerously high, and there is little chance a hostile takeover such as this could possibly be reversed once the course has been set in judicial stone. 

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