Thursday, March 15, 2012

dutch state-funded tv makes antisemitic game

What could possibly be wrong with that? 

The scummy Dutchmen already make tons of money off of dead Jews in reality (which is why Anne Frank's house should be burned to the ground, along with the trees and saplings). So, why not do it virtually as well.


Thus, no big surprise here. But this is pretty pathetic:

"A VPRO representative said the game was not anti-Semitic, but rather a thought-provoking satire."

The "it's satire" card is really the one played when the the authors, game designers, comics or whatever realize that they really blew it.

It means: this is my honest opinion, but people don't seem to like it, so I guess I will eat a moderate sized sh&t sandwich,  call it "satire" and try to make people think that I am soooooper smart and "thought provoking" all at the same time. 

Eurabia is doomed.

Jews-get out while you still can.