Friday, March 16, 2012

"young adults"-otherwise known as Why the West is Screwed

What the heck is a "young adult"?

This is a terribly depressing article.

Permanent teenagers, mooching off their parents forever, going to expensive schools to study useless things. And then they decide to take graduate programs for more useless garbage, being thirty, or forty-year old students taking Navel Gazing Studies and subsequently whining about how there are no good jobs in that field (mind you-I think Facebook is hiring).

"Of those living at home, some 78 percent say they’re upbeat about their living arrangements.."

I guess so, when you are a freeloader, sponging off your parents forever and you get free rent, meals made, laundry done and lots of time to fart your life away on social media, life is good. Why wouldn't you be upbeat?

Another revealing nugget (and frankly, the fact that these overgrown narcissistic "young adults" are not embarrassed to be in this article says a lot):

"In fact, as many as 3 in 10 young adults postponed marriage, starting a family, or both, due to the economy, according to the Pew report. Another third have returned to school and untold numbers have settled for a job simply to make ends meet."

That's actually breathtaking.

I got news for people. Life ain't a dress rehearsal. It goes by fast. You have to prioritize. Blaming "the economy" for anything is pathetic.

"Settling" for a job? Is that what people now mean when they ought to be thinking "earning my keep".

This is the hell child of the self-esteem doula.

A terrible waste.