Friday, March 23, 2012

And I Thought Having the Jehovas At the Door Was Disturbing

"Death at Your Door" definitely beats the Jehovas-hands down.  I'd rather see the Avon Lady than Jehovas Witnesses. But rather Jehovas Witnesses than the Grim Reaper.

Europeans are hot for death: 

"When Petra de Jong first killed a person, she didn't know what she was doing. The doctor was working as a lung specialist at a Dutch hospital, and her patient was suffering from cancer. It was a hopeless case, she says."

"Today, 20 years later, de Jong plays an influential role in the world of physician-assisted suicide."

Progress! Better drugs, more expert euthanasia experience! Awesome. 

Extra Super Duper Creepy:

"The Levenseindekliniek physicians first have to review the medical files of the patients who wish to die. Then they are required to contact the patients' primary care providers to find out why they declined to perform the euthanasia procedure themselves."

Major Creepy:

"Six teams are currently working at the clinic. All participating doctors have previous experience in performing active euthanasia. They will work one day a week in the clinic and the remaining days at their own medical practices. Likewise, they will be allowed to perform euthanasia at most once a month."

Final Nugget:

"NVVE staff members don't try to talk any of them out of killing themselves. "It's not our job," de Jong says. "It would be paternalistic."

Their job is killing, stupid. DUH!!!