Friday, March 23, 2012

It's. On!

Apparently, I am way off about the recent murder of Jews in Toulouse.

Matt Gurney, from the National Post thinks that the French did a bang-up job with the most recent terrorist episode in France.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that that is not the problem. 

One terrorist has been eliminated-great. But the problem is much greater than this one episode. It’s another French band-aid solution, like banning face veils

It’s a cosmetic quick fix, for public consumption, rather than a serious philosophical examination of the issues. 

France does not have a glorious history as far as anti-Semitism goes and it’s not getting any better.
Dreyfuss. Vichy. Al-Dura.  Traffic jams

Cars torched in Paris by the thousands. Ilan Halimi z”l.
Jewish life in Paris, even at the quasi-official memorial /restaurant to terrorist victims at a 1980s bombing-kaput.  The place where Jews were targeted, but innocent Frenchmen were killed!

There are also those quaint little enclaves known as Des Zones Urbaines Sensibles, the “Sensitive Urban Zones” .

It’s not just me who thinks that the Jews should get out of France. Apparently, French Jews have identified their existence in France as a problem as well.
Just don’t talk about it! One terrorist is dead-everything is cool now! Don't talk about it.

Don’t listen to what European Jews say about it, either (read the comments). 

Just have a moment of silence and remember....the terrorist because he had a hard life! (To their credit, many students walked out and parents were outraged...)

Exit questions (and just bear with me because I'm not very bright):

If I am so wrong-so waaaaaay off, why should anyone care what I think?  

Why does the National Post care? I'm a very minor player. It's a small blog. It's gorgeous, I know, but just a One Jewish "Conservative" Broad operation.

If the National Post cares what I think-at least enough that I inspire op-ed content with one little blog post-maybe they should let me respond in the same shiny, sparkly space in the op-ed section-I'm rather fond of that little slice of real estate in the paper.

And if Matt Gurney is right, why not allow comments on that particular post?

PS: Matt-you're totally wrong. 

PPS: France totally sucks and Jews with any sense would do well to leave that festering cesspool of antisemitism while they still can-that is to say, while they are still alive. 

PPS: The same goes for Europe in general. France is the suckiest, but Sweden is number 2 on the list of Worst Places in Europe For Jews That Insist on Living There (thanks for the heads up, my Blazing, Furry Friend)