Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Some Thoughts About Toulouse

Some thoughts and some images make it hard to get through the day. 

While the recent slaughter of Jews in France is not my personal tragedy, it is still painful. I purposely avoid the news some days. I don’t want to hear the details about children being abused and murdered and dying.  And I wish I hadn’t seen the picture of those little bodies wrapped in talitot (prayer shawls) because I can’t get it out of my head and I know I never will. Nor should any of us.

Although not my personal heartache, although I have no right to feel pain over this, I felt totally overwhelmed with emotion today lifting my youngest out of bed in the morning, feeling his warm cheeks-still flushed from peaceful sleep, smelling his head and thinking about the horror of a mother, in France having to hold a cold, dead, child in her arms. 

Of course, plus ca change - as the French say. 

I couldn’t help thinking about the completely mundane, every day action of dropping your children off at school leading to the most unimaginable pain that a parent can experience. 

Jews were hunted yesterday. Like animals, by a predator who no doubt, delighted in his sadism and every small part of the action, the planning, the scouting, the weapon, the terror, the blood. Jews were murdered yesterday by a Muslim terrorist because they made the mistake of an unforgiveable crime-breathing while Jewish. 

Much hope was expressed by the leftist, continental, Western, European in-denial masses that the perpetrator was a white, Christian “neo-Nazi”. How much easier it would be on their consciences if only the shooter was a white, Christian male, spewing about Jesus as he mowed down his Jewish prey. 

If only. 

If only we took no prisoners. 

But when we have to take prisoners, if only we took prisoners and held them.

As I remarked to Kathy earlier today, what we are seeing of course is “Neo” Nazism. This is indisputably the same gleeful spirit of slaughter and sadism, and the same blood lust that has been documented countless times against Jews throughout history-most recently of course in WWII Europe. 

So the leftists, the "in-denial" masses, eager to blame these murders on "Neo" Nazis were actually right. 

In fact, a "Neo" Nazi murdered Jews in cold blood, in France yesterday.

Mark Steyn notes in his Moral Equivalence Watch that the best defence against Judenhaas-motivated, cold-blooded murder is a “good” offence. The moral equivalence doesn’t surprise me anymore. It does not take my breath away. 

He pointed out years ago that Jewish life takes place only behind increasingly heavy security-guards, security walls, nondescript buildings and no identifiably Jewish clothing or outerwear. 
Jewish “life”? Not exactly.

The question: What kind of a Jewish “life” is this?  

The answer: This is not Jewish “life”, this is Jewish subsistence. Europe has no Jewish life.  There is only, and can only be Jewish death in Europe. 

For those willing to see it, we can see that Jews have reached a fork in the road of our existence as a people.  Unfortunately, both of these European roads lead to Jewish death. 

One road is the Death, or the Murder of Community.  

This is Jewish death by drips and drabs, by security fences and lynchings; by the slow death of a Rabbi here or there, the beating of a few Jewish kids, the closing of businesses, the expulsion from schools, and the expulsion from cities.   

It is the slow erosion of Jewish rights, the majority of the people in any given town or city silently ignoring incrementally egregious attacks, hoping to be the last, or only ones not victimized. 

It is the placement of “scare quotes” on “radical views”, or "radical influences", subtly and incidiously suggesting that there is nothing particularly radical about wanting to murder Jews in cold blood. How radical is that?

(See Globe & Mail screen shot from earlier today, posted below.) 

The second is Instant Death. This is by terrorism and while less frequent, more “random” and more shocking, it still leading to the same place. 

There is no Jewish “life” in Europe. 

There is only blood-soaked Earth, ghosts, mass graves, confiscated property and artwork, unclaimed insurance policies, Judaica in museums. There are sad photo-ops at Holocaust Memorial Day "celebrations". There are tours of Anne Frank's House, the Anne Frank House Gift Shop, the worshiping of her tree, tours of Auschwitz-Birkenau and Polish towns where gentiles play klezmer music in Hebrew-lettered cafes. 

There are, in Europe, Jews desperately clinging to the idea that Europeans have changed, that Jewish life is “renewed” and that Europe-for the Jews-is redeemable.   

This is the picture of naive Jews refusing to see that the demographics of Europe, with France leading the way, has sealed the future of Jewish “life” in Europe. 
Those who can leave, should. 

Those who have any fight in them, must. 

Those that pursue us will never win.  We will outlive and bury you. 

Those souls murdered in cold blood will be avenged. 

Those lives matter. 

Am Yisrael Chai. 

Screen Shot-Note "Scare Quotes"