Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shimon Peres: obtuse, clueless lefty Jew

Shimon Peres took the opportunity on Purim to visit Jewish children in the hospital and tell them that even though the Qassam rockets are like sooo annoying and stuff, that they really should understand the other side-and how impoverished and poor and sad the other side is.

The rocket attacks provide, wait for it...an opportunity for peace! Perfect!

Great timing!

Here's another one.

The usual suspects think that Farber is expanding his breadth of topics in advance of being appointed the new Ontario Human Rights Kommissar. That's certainly possible.

But, I gotta tell you-this morning, I'm more concerned about the human rights of the Jews in Israel to exist and breathe while under existential threats from their neighbours in the south-and I'm not even the former CEO of the CJC. But what do I know?

UPDATE: Groovy! Kathy is all over this one. Her headline is better than mine.