Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gender Bender

Kathy has an excellent piece up today at Taki, called Death by Diva?

She brings up a lot of great points, and I think there is a lot of bullying going on today. There simply should not not be any subject that is off limits in a civilized society. There should be no speech that is criminalized-other than threats of imminent injury or death. 

Bad ideas are naturally silenced by the intelligent consensus of a civilized majority.

When "bad" ideas, or distasteful ideas are legislated out of popular discourse, or banned, they just go underground-they never disappear.

Speaking of bad ideas-I just ran across this story.

When, exactly, in the history of public education did human sexuality become a "necessary" topic for primary school children?

When did parents lose this battle?

Why can't teachers stick to the rudimentary basics of learning: math, reading, writing, languages and literature and why can't they be refrained from introducing age-inappropriate topics into primary and nursery school curricula?

The joy ride on the road to Western civilizational doom has a significant pit stop in the public educational system.