Monday, March 12, 2012

Why the west is screwed

This is something I think about (unfortunately) on a daily basis. I write about it a lot, too.
But the other day, I found a very good reason. Right here.
While some men and women fight for our civilization, other pockets of persons are putting men in pantyhose. I think that’s a problem. It’s the push to make men eunuchs, to chip away entirely at real men and masculinity. The push is to  make them redundant or to force them to cower, and celebrate their new societal role as turkey baster filler for the reproductively creative. 

Here is another aspect of the same problem. It’s not as glaringly obvious as marketing panty hose to men, but it’s definitely chipping away at our freedom. This is the gradual nationalization of everything in our society, including our bodies, and the transfer of individual responsibilities and liberties to amorphous, under-qualified, under-sensitive bureaucrats, under-smart people who are otherwise known as “government”.

When people surrender their brains, their families and their bodies, they cannot be completely surprised when astoundingly disgraceful and shameful decisions are made, on their behalf (or “for the children”). On the scale of civilizational progress, where would you rank  this?  How does that decision sound to you? How much bureaucratic brain power must it require to realize that making a mother travel for tortuous hours to her brain cancer treatment, and refusing to make her possibly soon-to-end life easier, is the right thing to do? I guess more brain power than can be mustered in the various local councils of Great Britain.

The question is: how do you want to be ruled?

Do you wish to live with crumbs of freedom dished out by government-or as writers like Mark Steyn demand-with power distributed TO government by the people in microscopic increments, with measured suspicion and strenuous checks and balances on a performance basis?

How do we want to live? 

Do we enjoy living freely, voluntarily taking care of those more vulnerable, or being mandated to do so by government fiat?  Do we want to live as civilized people, with a constant sense of awe and wonder of the precious fragility of human life, or like barbarians.
Will we defer to the men who are worried about what size panty hose they should fit into, or aim to aspire to greatness, and to defer to the once celebrated class of men-the fighting man, the protector of society and family who sits down at a desk one day and writes this. Which men do you want on your side? The kind who wrote this letter and got an axe through his brain, and still won’t complain, or the one worried about a run in his mantyhose?

The West is screwed because that question has to be asked. But it starts with more subtle affronts and exquisitely supine deference to extraordinary, stealth challenges

The United Kingdom used to be filled with warriors. Is it still? 

It used to be filled with me and women whose backbone and convictions mirrored one of my new heroes.  I urge you to buy his book or take it out from the library. It’s the incredible story of Denis Avey, The Man Who Broke Into Auschwitz. Yes, that’s right-he broke INTO Auschwitz. It is one of the most moving books I have read recently and it’s a quick read, but you will never forget it. 

I salute you Denis Avey. You are a truly righteous man. 

I salute all those fighting civilizational challenges through their words, their acts, their jokes and through their lawsuits and losses. 

I now stand with you-in public-on your side, with admiration, on your team-in honour-for life.