Monday, May 14, 2012

America is Screwed


This is an upsetting story.

Instead of realizing that maybe women should be getting married in their early twenties, and starting families and investing in having a family or at least starting before they are thirty-there are "alternative" ideas like freezing one's eggs for future use.

This is what feminism has wrought. It's terrible. Biology is biology. It's awful that the same grandparent-wannabees did not instill in their daughters a more clear sense of what is truly important in life: family and motherhood. And now, they are trying to buy a technological solution for a moral failing.

Technology is not a replacement for biology and for the nuclear family.

I realize this is a 1% story geared for more of the 1% type of folks that read The New York Times, but it is indicative of the ultimately suicidal and lonely path that many modern women choose to take (that's right, I said choose).