Friday, May 11, 2012

What New York Owes James Q. Wilson

Fantastic: the theory of the broken windows and the revitalization, and reincarnation of New York City.

"The big idea was this: if the neighborhood looks as if someone is watching and maintaining order, it is far more likely that order will prevail. A neighborhood that is clean and well-ordered sends a signal to criminals and citizens alike. Instead of putting up stickers to hide the decay, Wilson’s theory says that you should remove the decay—and that this will save the neighborhood."

"Wilson’s idea was a revelation and a reversal of the conventional wisdom up to that point. The dominant liberal theories told us that if we provided more social services to the poor, perhaps crime would get better. But Wilson suggested that instead we turn our attention to providing a better and cleaner place to live, raising the expectations of the community by improving the quality of life—and that then crime would decline."

We need more people speaking honestly about these subjects and not hiding behind cliches and failed policies.


Look what law enforcement in America does now!

They get those perps!!