Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ed West: Why Liberals Turned A Blind Eye to the Grooming of Girls

This is a must read by Ed West. 

Personally, I am not interested in reading the gory details of this latest celebration of "Asian" culture in the United Kingdom.

I don't read the details of murder cases either. I am not interested in having nightmares about this stuff.

This piece, explains in lucid detail, how "liberal values" have screwed up the United Kingdom irrevocably. It shows how liberal sexual "values" have contributed to this latest pedophile/rape/grooming scandal.

The grooming of children is a horrifying cause that extreme liberal left and the various 'sexual education' or 'sexual health' comrades have embraced and promote. It's all about desensitizing parents, forcing them to let their guard now, and forcing perverted new "norms" , forcing strange, sexual obsessions onto rightly cautious and sexually modest and relatively conservative populations.

This sexually obsessive culture has a strange alliance with groups like these Pakistani-based gangs, who blend in their own native misogyny into the mix. 

David Horowitz called it “The Unholy Alliance”. 

This article reminded me about a column that Mark Steyn wrote a few years ago about the Palestinians (one of my favourites) where he asked what do the Palestinians have to do to get a bad rap? (I think it was part of the "Lights Out" collection, but there are a few other ones on that same theme that are outstanding.) 

Is there anything that they do to Jews that could cause any outrage among the anointed masses

Similarly, is there anything that today's "victims" can do, that would be considered inexcusable by the left? 

I guess what we are seeing is that there actually is no moral low for the extreme left and their pet causes.

It just doesn’t exist.