Monday, May 14, 2012

Steyn: The Spirit of Geert Wilders

My favourite paragraph in this most excellent article is:

"I have no desire to end up living like Geert Wilders or Kurt Westergaard, never mind dead as Fortuyn and van Gogh. But I also wish to live in truth, as a free man, and I do not like the shriveled vision of freedom offered by the Dutch Openbaar Ministrie, the British immigration authorities, the Austrian courts, Canada’s “human rights” tribunals, and the other useful idiots of Islamic imperialism. So it is necessary for more of us to do what Ayaan Hirsi Ali recommends: share the risk. So that the next time a novel or a cartoon provokes a fatwa, it will be republished worldwide and send the Islamic enforcers a message: Killing one of us won’t do it. You’d better have a great credit line at the Bank of Jihad because you’ll have to kill us all."

And my favourite phrase in that favourite paragraph is:

"You'll have to kill us all."

Words to live by, and bless all the people who are living by those words and by their actions. Whether yielding a pen or a sword there are many brave people around the world sharing the risks and I salute them all. 

Now I also think this observation is a keeper-that "shoot the messenger” is the all-purpose European (and North American/Western) cure-all for “Islamophobia".


This is all part of the pernicious theme that Steyn has consistently and correctly identified: what does the left "permit" us to say?

What are you willing to say?

How much are you willing to be censored?

How many of your own personal thoughts have been compromised, adapted, invaded or villified by zealot, stealth, thought police?

Read the whole thing.