Friday, May 25, 2012

Everybody's Doing It!

Peer pressure!

Ha! Just kidding.

Apparently, today is "Everybody Blog About the Latest Case of Crazy Dangerous Intimidation and Threats From a Leftist Blogger" day or something like that.

More from Michelle Malkin and Hot Air.

This is not just about physical threats and danger-which are very real.

This is also about the idea that the left should be able to control political discourse and that the left can establish a de facto state of censorship in democracies. I refuse to accept that.

When the political left decides that something is taboo, that's exactly when we should start talking more about it. The left has made great strides in the democratic world, pushing it's "progressive" agenda gradually, almost imperceptibly onto the larger population.

Concepts that were anathema to civilized society have made their way into everyday life and one is expected not to express any dissent for fear of being branded racist, or homophobic or "Islamophobic". If people disagree with the left, they are "intolerant" or "simple minded". The dissenters are merely "simplistic" people whose ignorance is clear as day.

Polite and civilized dissenting citizens have found that it is not enough to politely disagree and quietly acquiesce and tolerate what they once found intolerable. 

Nothing but being a complete cheerleader for their pet causes acceptable to the left.

I'm reminded of attending a talk by Ezra Levant, who was confronted by a nutty, liberal, pro-censorship, Jew. The Jewish liberal became exasperated and sweaty asking Ezra a question.  lecturing Ezra on how wrong he was about internet censorship and "hate" on the internet.

Ezra stayed cool and let the dude blow off some unhinged steam.

The Jewish liberal became even more agitated and then in a tour de force exclaimed that Ezra clearly needed therapy!

Ezra needed therapy because he didn't agree with an unhinged liberal!

Being bullied into submission doesn't work, so let's shrinky-dink and re-educate these dumb conservatives into submission. They don't agree with us! They are mentally ill!

(Actually, I would guess that more liberals are 'in therapy' than conservatives-just a hunch, but then again, I'm not very bright...)

Well, guess what. 

There aren't enough therapists in the world to intimidate all of us into ideological submission.

Mark Steyn says "they'll have to kill us all". 

(Moderately arousing!)

The current unholy alliance between the left, greens and Islamic fascists constitutes a clear and current willingness and ability to extinguish lives, and an equally real threat of extinguishing our personal freedoms and liberty.

No freedom-loving individual wants to be the instrument of their own demise, but no freedom-loving individual should tolerate the encroachment (ideological or physical) of sinister, totalitarian-inclined and violent forces into the private spheres of their life: family, children and thoughts.