Monday, May 28, 2012

Bully Bloggers: Bernie Farber Edition

So, Bernie Farber, former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress thinks that bloggers who don't like him and/or disagree with them are bullies. 

Bernie is expected to be the new head of the Ontario Human Rights Commission when Barbara Hall vacates the seat. Oh joy!

Bernie says:

"I never really liked the word "tolerance." It suggests the bare minimum. Simply tolerating each other is far from accepting or, better yet, celebrating each other. In the end "tolerance" is not much of a value statement."

Tolerance is what people like us bully bloggers are expected to do toward views that we find repulsive and anathema but politically correct pablum for the masses. For people like Bernie, it's not enough that we tolerate-nothing short of being a cheerleader is sufficient. 

There is more tripe about "hateful words" (folks like this feel that hateful words caused the Holocaust), and quotes from some anonymous places. But this line:

"Y is too stupid to really be Jewish"

It's actually Kathy Shaidle's line: Bernie Farber-Too Stupid to Be Jewish?  I guess it really bugs him-good job, Kathy.

This is also funny:

"And let's not forget the comment sections of some online newspapers which have become feeding grounds for racists, bigots, homophobes and those who slander without compunction"

Actually, the comment section is where people get to express REALITY without being afraid of speaking their minds. It's where normal people explain what is actually going on, after the media has usually done a hatchet job on the real story. 

Anyway-Kathy's and Arnie's responses are more comprehensive. And Ezra Levant has talked about the real bullies. This post (and Kathy's right, Bernie-it's a "post" not a "blog") is just a dissembling distraction from the real bully/bullies.

Definitely time to revisit the Steyn masterpiece on Bernie M. Farber. 

And who can forget the oven door, brought home from the ancestral Polish homeland? 

The oven door from Poland, framed and sitting in his living room....

OH LOOK, Bernie spoke at an ISNA conference! Nice!

He is an expert on white supremacists? Isn't Bernie white? Yes, I think so.

Bernie is a White Liberal Supremacist.

No wonder people like this feel they need state protection and censorship to fight their battles-they are incapable of fighting anything on their own.