Tuesday, May 8, 2012

America's Slow Suicide

A great interview by Charles Adler with Mark Steyn on Sun TV. 

Steyn suggests that America needs to go cold turkey on gobbling borrowed money and give up stuff like this. 

I just can't see that happening right now.

They discuss the inevitable rise of China as the world's strongest economic power (scary) and how the New World Order will actually be a world without any (moral) order at all.

Of course, it's not just Mark Steyn that is sounding the alarm bells on China.

Read some thoughts from Spengler as well:

"A world dominated by China would be a brutal and unpleasant place. There is no inherent kindness or generosity, no sympathy for the weak in Chinese culture.  China never revered a God who has a special love for the widow and the fatherless. Perhaps that will change.  A tenth of Chinese now profess Christianity and more may in the future. I want America to prevail. To do that we must make the Chinese leadership respect and fear us, rather than merely annoy them."

As Barry Rubin also points out: Now's the time for western societies to put on the brakes or go off the cliff.