Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

These were the words of Katelynn Angel Sampson, a young girl from Toronto’s down and out Parkdale neighbourhood who was beaten to death by her foster caregivers.

She was forced to write it 62 times. 

Reportedly, there were traces of blood in every single room in the derelict apartment where she lived the last months of her hellish short life.

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

Why are there never any punishments ever for Children’s Aid workers who continually drop the ball on children’s care in Canada? 

Why do we delicately defer to the allegedly very good intentions of aid workers, the allegedly valiant efforts made by educators and other adults when the only fact that matters is that there is a small, dead body n a small casket in the ground? 

One doesn’t need a license to become a children’s aid worker. Therefore, there is no regulatory body threatening membership and thus, one’s livelihood.   

There are no professional, financial or criminal repercussions. 

There are clearly no deterrents to being a “bad” social service worker. 

That is our failure-legislative, policy and societal. 

There are never any criminal charges filed (negligence, criminal negligence causing death, failure to report a crime) against the bureaucrats involved in the chain of events no matter how big the failure (i.e. death of a child).   

The perpetrators are often caught, but their paper-pushing, evil-blind bureaucratic henchmen carry on with impunity. 

The timing of these criminal proceedings is just terrible for the CAS! 

(Is anything an actual PR disaster for these organizations?  There are so many dead kids, and so much officialdom yet so little time to write about it all. )

Dare I write about a dead little girl, a “client” of the Children’s Aid Society before the big Gala? 

Why yes-I think I shall!

Are any of you going to “Spark: Ignite A Child’s Potential”? 

It looks like it’s going to be a very swish evening.

Maybe this should be on the program: 

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

Here is the “Who We are Section” of the Children’s Aid Society Foundation page:

“The Children’s Aid Foundation, with the support of our donors, is determined to give children and youth the nurturing experiences to heal from abuse and neglect, the opportunity for life-enriching experiences, and the opportunities to build a brighter future.”“Through our three pillars of hope: prevention, enrichment and education, we give vulnerable children and youth the knowledge and understanding that they are loved and valued, that they deserve every opportunity to heal from the scars of abuse and neglect, and that they can live happy, fulfilled lives, develop loving relationships and become the bright, caring, person they were meant to be.”

“Their journey may be long, but with a little hope and a lot of guidance, and support, together we can help them rebuild their lives, discover their own potential and make their future brighter.”

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

I humbly suggest that keeping children from being beaten to a pulp after the Children’s Aid Society gets involved might make a child’s future just a little brighter. 

Can you, too look after a “robust” portfolio of major donors? 

They claim that there are 300,000 “at risk” children in Canada. 

Oddly enough, it doesn’t say much here about how many of their clients (children) have met with rather unfortunate ends i.e. death. 

This is a very big organization, with a very fat payroll

The Foundation has something like $43 million in assets.

How much money does it take to hire people who might effectively be able to stop the murder of children who are CAS (or Catholic Children’s Aid Service-their record is not brilliant either) “clients”. 

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

 The mother of the child had this to say of the rather unfortunate consequences of abandoning her child: 

 "I regret it every day, that's what happens when you trust your friends," she said outside the court. 

 "I'm just happy that Katelynn can rest and I can rest."

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

And so, life in the child protection racket goes on. 

We will get another useless inquiry. 

There will be more clients, galas and fundraising, a little bit of hand-wringing when things get bad (dead kids), a little regret and makeshift memorials littered with flowers from strangers, teddy bears from maudlin grief-hounds. 

There will be more dead children who nobody wanted and nobody protected-despite having Children’s Aid Society printed on their business card. 
"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”

That should be embossed on their business cards or at the very least, on several high level letters of resignation from the Children's Aid Society.

"I am A awful girl that’s why no one wants me.”