Friday, May 4, 2012

My Idiot People

Barry Rubin is a smart Jew. I like his stuff a lot.

Here's a short piece from him about the newest New York Times reporter to live the high life in Israel-biased and probably living in Abu Tor with house staff (Arab "houseboys"), having drinks at the American Colony Hotel and doing their shopping in Ramallah-and having little to no interaction with non-leftist Jews.

I was reading a goat-load of stories about the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike earlier in the week. Now, I know that Bibi's Dad died this week Z"L, so he was sitting shiva and had family commitments and responsibilities. It's understandable that Bibi was MIA on this issue.

However, there is a massive media bureaucracy in Israel-and Israel has media-savvy Jews that speak almost every language in the world.

Moreover, Israel has very hot Jews! Yes, Jews who are really good looking and look great on television.

So, how hard is it to put together a video that actually shows (not tells) the story of how Israel treats Palestinian prisoners?

What is the actual daily calorie count?

What do they have access to? Food? Movies, TV? Cell phones? Educational resources?

Q:  How come it's so difficult to find that information?

A: Because Israel hasn't put it "out there".

The IDF has really improved their social media presence over the past couple of years.

Can't the rest of the "Hasbara" (lame term of course) world in Israel-or frankly, among Jews all over the world get up to speed?

This prisoner hunger strike is a missed opportunity for Israel to put some evidence and images out there.

How about the stories of all the Palestinians (mostly female) who purposely try to get arrested by the IDF so that they can complete their high school educations (in prison).

Where are all those articles about when the Palestinians were previously on strike for whole chickens?

I have never seen a photo of an emaciated Palestinian prisoner from an Israeli jail. 

I suspect that Israel is not very good at starving prisoners, just like we Jews suck at genocide.

Related: Some (actual) good news. There are many non-moronic Jews in the IDF. Good.