Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why Do They Hate Us: Mona Eltahawy


This is an incredibly gutsy and thorough article. 

Read the whole thing.

Very impressive, scathing criticism of the "Arab Spring" and the Muslim world's treatment of women-written by a female Muslim writer who was beaten in the course of her reporting on the uprising in Egypt.

Check this out:

"An entire political and economic system -- one that treats half of humanity like animals -- must be destroyed along with the other more obvious tyrannies choking off the region from its future. Until the rage shifts from the oppressors in our presidential palaces to the oppressors on our streets and in our homes, our revolution has not even begun."

And this:

"Name me an Arab country, and I'll recite a litany of abuses fueled by a toxic mix of culture and religion that few seem willing or able to disentangle lest they blaspheme or offend. When more than 90 percent of ever-married women in Egypt -- including my mother and all but one of her six sisters -- have had their genitals cut in the name of modesty, then surely we must all blaspheme."

It's a scathing indictment of the treatment of women in the Muslim and Arab world. It is so honest, and is breathtakingly refreshing also because there is no external boogeyman blamed here. Not one mention of Israel or Jews-just a startling candid, fact and evidence-based look at the misogynistic culture of the Arab/Muslim world.

"Just as regime-appointed clerics lull the poor across the region with promises of justice -- and nubile virgins -- in the next world rather than a reckoning with the corruption and nepotism of the dictator in this life, so women are silenced by a deadly combination of men who hate them while also claiming to have God firmly on their side."

Make sure to read the whole thing.

I hope this article kick starts a real revolution for women under siege.