Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wimpy Jews Fret and Weep About Magic Marker Attacks

Disgusting that any time is wasted on anything but actual physical attacks (the hair burning episode for example).

Only wimpy Jews worry about these negligible statistics. 

This noise is made to justify salaries and organizational existence. It makes some Jews feel good to fight non-existent battles, and re-win the wars that have already been one.

Public education will not wipe out Jew-hatred. This is preposterous.

It is embarrassing that these people continue to be considered the Official Jews. There were 1297 "episodes" (which can include insults, swastika doodles and other "hate crimes") in a country of about 30 million people.

Math is hard, but somehow it doesn't seem so statistically significant to me.

I looked for the 2011 report here, but maybe it's not on line yet?

Anyway: SNORE!