Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The UK is Totally Screwed

It's bad enough that in most Western countries, you are a de facto victim by waiting for something bad to happen and only then calling for "help" from the police.

But in the United Kingdom, the stupid is very, very strong. 

They have this moronic, dangerous and of course LETHAL idea that policemen and policewomen should be unarmed. Weapons are brought in for special occassions apparently.

So, constables get murdered by bad guys and people weep crocodile tears.

My question is if law enforcement officials are unarmed, why should I call them if I am in the UK, as opposed to say-my grandmother, or the pizza delivery guy?

These unnecessary deaths can be blamed squarely on the policies of the governing elites of the UK.

The blood is on their hands.

Unfortunately, the elites cannot be shamed-not even by cold-blooded murder.