Monday, September 24, 2012

Asking the Wrong Questions

Daniel Greenfield is an excellent writer and this if I were interested in explanations of any kind about "why they hate us", then I would recommend this one and a host of other books about the "roots" of the rage.

However, we have to stop asking or caring at all "why they hate us". 

I don't care "why" "they" "hate" "us". I really don't.

I'm bloody sick of the question and sick of the "explanations".

We need to be more emphatic about that and nobody should be apologetic about saying:

"I don't care why they hate us."

The questions that I care about are:

Do we have the balls do fight our enemies?

What can I do to support this fight?

Have I taught my children to fight?

Do I keep company with other fighters or with wussy pansies who have surrendered?

Who cares why THEY, the mysterious, scary THEY hate us?

I couldn't care less. Let them fester and seethe and riot and burn.

Remember: the only response to "why do they hate us" is "I don't care" whilst simultaneously restocking one's moral, spiritual, philosophical, educational and physical ammunition reserves.