Thursday, September 20, 2012

Danish Cartoonist Still Has Big Ones

"The West cannot let itself be muzzled by fear of offending Islamic sensibilities"


I actually can't believe Reuters published this defense of free speech. Puzzling. 

Furthermore the Danish Dude says: 

"Should we in future let ourselves be censored by Islamic authorities in deeply undemocratic countries? Should they be allowed to tell the German chancellor in future whom she should honor and whom not? Are we really this far along?" he asked, referring to Angela Merkel's citation of his work."

It seems to me that America has already gone this route. This week we saw the arrest of a crummy "filmmaker" at the behest of the Obama administration because of some dumb You Tube video that offended the ever-offendables.  

This guy is 77 years old and fighting the fight. 

Completely awesome!