Friday, September 21, 2012

Are You Better Off?

Well, today when I read this article, I thought it was possibly the most supine position that the American administration has taken ever  this year  this month  today.

The problem is every time I think we have hit the lowest low, there is always a more disgusting story!

We have a problem with epidemic stupidity and vanity and vapidity.

Hey, who cares about the black flag of Al Qeida flying above American diplomatic interests-the new iPhone 5 is out! 


The stupid-it's everywhere.

I gotta tell you, if there is one thing that pisses me off almost every single day it's the constant flow of stupid women who post pictures of themselves on Facebook all day and they all have the same stupid pose: arm stretched out with their stupid, bejeweled iPhones.

What is it with stupid women and the Internet?

Like this one for example: "Ooooh here's my butt!" or "Oooh I am so edgy, I have tattoos on my back!"

Seriously-what the hell is wrong with people?

I sent this one to Kathy. We try to one-up each other on this stuff all the time. (Hey Kathy, I totally won today!)

Personally, I would not brag about this butt. And anyway what is more disturbing the butt, the self-posing-arm-stretched-out-with-iPhone OR the dog watching this all go down?

But I digress!

The focus should be hey, America-are you better off? 

Answer: Hell no!

There is a choice to be made in this election-more stupid, more of a turn toward European socialism and ultimately, nihilism as the American model or a step toward the America of the founders.

We are in a dangerous world, witnessing the the Post-American Middle East.

Caroline Glick weighs in: 

"The official and unofficial Egyptian exploitation of the Internet film as a means to intimidate and attack the US into disavowing its core principles is proof that Obama’s theory of the source of Muslim rage is wrong. They do not hate America because of what the US government does. They hate America because of what America is. And it is because of this that since September 11, the rationale for Obama’s foreign policy has disintegrated."

I'm getting to my supersaturation point with this election and there are still many weeks to go.

This weekend, I may suck my thumb in a fetal position in my bedroom, chanting, and read People magazine for several hours straight just to PURGE THIS STUFF FROM MY BRAIN.

That should be a good palette cleanser. Then back to work!!

Please, my American friends: don't give up the fight!