Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kathy Shaidle: The Poor Get Poorer

An excellent piece at PJ Lifestyle by my friend Kathy who is sooooooooooo smart. 

She's walked the walk.

Lots of people make repeat bad decision and indulge their every whim at every opportunity.

Tough for them.

Read Kathy's whole piece.

The comments are great so far also. I like this one a lot.

Kind of reminds me when I was moderately whining to my mother-in-law shortly after my first child that I was exhausted.

She said something to the effect of "Tired-you're tired????? You have disposable diapers and I had to wash cloth diapers by hand, you have Gerber baby food, you have a washing machine-what tired???"


Now, to be fair, I should have probably saved my post-partum whining for a more receptive and sympathetic audience: my mother.

However, I did make a mental note not to complain too much about my circumstances from someone who had escaped Iran as a teenager with her family with only the clothes on their backs and raised a family in seriously difficult times in the newly-founded State of Israel.

Lesson learned! Carry on...