Sunday, September 9, 2012

Eleven Years Later, More Unfinished Business

I love you America, but everything that has transpired in New York post-9/11 except for Rudy Giuliani telling the Saudi Prince to shove his check where the sun don't shine, is shameful

I have to ask:

Do we really need a 9/11 museum? 

An awful lot of money has been raised for this un-built edifice. A lot of people probably feel pretty good about themselves for donating to it as well.

I don't think it's necessary.

There is a tasteful stone memorial there already.

My problem is that every attempt so far in America to 'memorialize' and to remember the victims has ended up being either a fawning paean (See "Crescent of Embrace") to Islam or an attempt at putting a final, aggressive exclamation mark of victory by the aggressors at that solemn, hallowed ground (see "Ground Zero Mosque").

I wonder how many regular Americans think a museum is necessary? I wonder how many victims' friends and relatives want a museum?

Will there be a gift shop? What will they sell? Where is the money going to go? How about admission? How much-who benefits?

Will the word "Islam" be in any of the souvenir gift books? Perhaps a new line of 9/11 books of faith will be offered up for sale? The new 9/11 Old Testament, New Testament, Koran all in one?

Little 9/11 memorial tower salt and pepper shakers? 

It's so tacky and pathetic and shows such a spirit of defeat and non-resiliance it makes me shudder.

It's bloody un-American.

So far, all I have seen being sold is one lackluster idea upon another in a space that should be the epicentre of an American commitment to its own native version of "Never Again" (although not honoured in fact, honoured by many countries in spirit) and projecting American strength, instead of weakness, bickering and trivializing the murder and carnage of that infamous day.