Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bernie Farber and the Roma Bonah

Nearly threw up my breakfast this morning reading a love bomb about gypsies by a veritable troika of dumb Jews.

(For more on dumb Jews, see this piece by Andrew Klaven called "Dumb Jews".)

If you can stomach it, here it is:

"The Bernie, Avrum and Nate Boner for Gypsies in the National Post". 

Kathy has a post up about it, and so does scaramouche-and the "Bamboleo" is a masterful touch.

There are Jews who will never crack open a history book and refuse to acquaint themselves with reality. They are still fighting the old Nazis-the ones buried in Europe, but they will never acknowledge the current, living spirit of the Nazis which is not living in conservative bloggers, but rather in lives right in front of their faces.

Yes, I said right in front of their faces. 

The real problem is that naive, lefty Jews rarely have their narratives challenged in public. That's too hard! People are too mean!

They are too chicken to actually debate people with opposing positions in any meaningful way. So instead of engaging intellectually, they pull out the only cards they have: bullying and trying to get people fired from their jobs, lodging complaints with governmental and regulatory bodies, or trying to get them disbarred-like they are trying to do to Ezra Levant. They just want everyone with an opposing opinion to shut up.

The left, especially the Jewish lefties are circulating the JUST SHUT UP memo again.

The day any of us voluntarily acquiesces to the "SHUT UP" memo is the day we lose the battle.

Therefore, I would like to announce that none of us has any immediate plans to shut up.

Actually, none of us have any plans to JUST SHUT UP.


By the way, why does it take three offended, huffing Jews to create ONE measly, sniveling opinion piece on gypsies?

You know, I've heard many Holocaust survivors speak, and have seen the camps with my own eyes. I have victims of the Nazis and victims of Palestinian terrorism in my own family-but that doesn't give me any additional moral authority.

Sorry, being the son (or daughter) of a Holocaust survivor, and even being a Holocaust survivor does not give anyone the absolute moral authority card. Only G-d has absolute moral authority.

It actually makes me sick that Bernie has played that card so vigorously for his entire life, but I guess perpetual victimhood is the best thing to riff on if you are gunning for the role of Chief Human Rights Komissar of Ontario.

Without a constant stream of victims, without a never-ending feeling of being downtrodden, morose and persecuted-no cushy government job!

There is more to celebrate about the Canadian position on just about everything, than ever before. 

I have no time for faux lamentations on gypsies.

The left will not shut us up.

Not Ezra, not Steyn, not the bloggers-not any of us.

None of them, to paraphrase Kathy, are smart enough to tell any of us how to live.

We may not win every battle, but are not going to stop fighting back.