Friday, September 14, 2012

The Great Caroline Glick: The Reign of Imagination

Really an outstanding analysis of the events in Libya from the past few days, and a review of the emasculation of America and the disgusting cowardice and dhimmitude of American officials with respect to the murders of their own people.

A must read.

"With President Barack Obama’s inauguration, the imaginary world inhabited by the American foreign policy elite shifted again. Obama and his advisers agree that jihadist Islam is the predominant force in the Muslim world. But in their imaginary world, jihadist Islam is a good thing for America."

"A cursory consideration of the events that took place – and are still taking place – makes clear that these were not acts of spontaneous rage about an amateur Internet movie. They were premeditated."

"The coordinated, premeditated nature of the attack was self-evident. The assailants were armed with rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. They knew the location of the secret safe house to which the US consular officials fled. They laid ambush to a Marine force sent to rescue the 37 Americans hiding at the safe house. And yet, Clinton and Dempsey either could not fathom why the attack occurred, or blamed an irrelevant pastor in Florida."

So pathetic, so predictable.

It will still get worse before it gets better.