Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear Jews

As scaramouche says, how about shutting up and buying your own ads? 

And to the National Post-actually, most Jewish organizations were 100% on the wrong side of the free speech debate.

They were pro-censorship and pro-Human Rights Tribunals.

B'nai B'rith, CIJA and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre range from clueless to pro-censorship. They never, ever had Mark Steyn's or Ezra Levant's back. 

At least they are consistent.

Consistently wrong.

This Jew stands for free speech.

Bring on the posters.

If anyone doesn't like them, make some better ones and put them up.  Or shut up.

Put up, or shut up.

And seriously, how utterly pathetic is it for this to be a rallying cause for outdated, ineffective Official Jewish organizations when Israel is actually dealing with the potential threat from Syria, with Iranian mullahs looking on at the impotence of America and laughing their genocidal little Shia heads off?