Saturday, August 31, 2013

Terrible Things Are Coming Upon Europe

I completely agree. 

Especially Sweden, which really is competing with France to be the first Islamic state in Europe.

Obama is headed there now to play nice nice and pay tribute to Wallenberg. ZZZZZZ. Big deal. 

Read this article here. 

"On Wednesday, the Swedish minister for integration pledged an extra $9 million toward combatting intolerance in Sweden, with special emphasis on Islamophobia."

“We have given special focus to the Malmo area where have had problems with anti-Semitism, but [also] threats against Muslims in the same area,” Erik Ullenhag told Sveriges Radio. 

“In Sweden, like in many other countries, too many people have prejudice against Muslims. In the coming years we will focus on this issue,” he added."

If it were Reagan, he would have used the opportunity to tell the terror-supporting, Jew-hating Swedes that they could shove their antisemitism and their tolerance for terror where the sun don't shine.

But it's Obama. So, he'll talk some nice words about dead Jews, while loathing the live ones-especially the uppity ones in Israel who have the nerve to have their own army and want to actually live.