Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Harry Styles Seeeekrit JOOOOOOOO?

My kids loooooooove One Direction.

I know, they are cheesy, but the Jewish mother in me thinks this is pretty cute.

The other thing is actually that when my special needs son was at camp, they used the song What Makes You Beautiful when the kids did a dance at the end of the season.

All the kids participated in whatever way they could, whether they could stand, dance, or they sat in wheelchairs or were with their walkers.

So, somehow the lyrics "you don't know you're beautiful" took on a whole new meaning, and it was pretty spiritual. In fact, even thinking about it right now makes me tear up. So, I have a soft spot for the lads of One Direction.

In case you are the only person on the planet to have NOT heard this song, here it is. And again-picture it with a room full of special needs kids and their parents, and their loving counsellors who quite literally held their hands throughout the whole dance. Quite something.