Monday, August 26, 2013

Pakistan: Barbaric Land of Five-Year Old Brides

Yes, that's right.

Five year old girls are still being married off in Pakistan, and there is really little hope of this ever changing.

Read this paragraph and weep: 

"Nazia was only 5 when her father married her off to a much older man, a stranger, as compensation for a murder her uncle had committed. The decision to give the little girl away as payment, along with two goats and a piece of land, was made by a jirga — an assembly of local elders that makes up the justice system in most of Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s tribal areas, where conventional courts are either not trusted or nonexistent."

Two goats, a piece of land and you get your FIVE YEAR OLD BRIDE.


Just once, I'd like to see a leftist or even a "moderate" liberal make a public pronouncement about this actual war by pedophile barbarians against little girls.