Wednesday, August 28, 2013

This is Gonna Be A Doozy: Obama to Give Personal Reflections on MLK


Can you imagine this one? 

I can.

"Let me be clear! I have a dream also!"

"My dream was even better than Martin Luther King's because I am so amazing. I am the first black President, dammit, and that makes me way, way better than any stupid, dead preacher!!!"

"This day, this anniversary, is really then all about me. Because I am your leader. And I know everything and what is best for you and especially because I am friends with Beyonce and tweeted #ROAR to Katy Perry. She is so cute, did you know that she kissed a girl and she liked it?"

"Anyway, back to ME!!!!"

"Standing here and speaking to you, I can definitely say God Allah  Barack Almighty we are free!"

"Finally free! That is so say, EVERYTHING WILL BE FREE! Free health care, free phones for all Americans. Free entry to everyone to this country, free houses, education, free mortgages, free lunch programs and finally freedom from those racist, awful Founding Fathers!"

"I have a dream. That I will fully tranform this formerly glorious racist, white-centric, Islamophobic, awful Republic into a new, beautiful socialist state."