Monday, August 26, 2013

Serena Ryder: What I Wouldn't Do

Most pop music today is totally crud, but once in a while there are gems. I had never heard of Serena Ryder before, and heard this song on the radio a few weeks ago, and I absolutely love it.

OK, I'm moderately obsessed with it! Love! 

If you listen to love songs, and think about the object of the song being G-d, and not a human being it lends a whole different dimension to the song. There are a lot of fantastic songs about love, but even thinking about the love as the love of a person to G-d, or a parent to child adds an additional layer that really causes goosebumps.

This is quite lovely:

Your love is like an ocean
that always takes me home
Whispering wind is blowing
telling me I’m not alone
Your love is like a river
that I am floating down
I’ve never been a swimmer
but I know that I’ll never drown
I know that I’ll never drown

The current grows stronger
under different shades of blue
I’ve fallen in your water
forget everything I knew