Thursday, August 29, 2013

Victor Davis Hanson: The Israeli Spring


I like this!!!

VDH is such a realistic pessimist, yet this is the most sensible and optimistic piece I've seen on the Middle East.

Go, Israel, go! 

"The old nexus of radical Islamic terror of the last three decades is unraveling. With a wink and a nod, Arab dictatorships routinely subsidized Islamic terrorists to divert popular anger away from their own failures to the West or Israel. In the deal, terrorists got money and sanctuary. The Arab Street blamed others for their own government-inflicted miseries. And thieving authoritarians posed as Islam’s popular champions."

"But now, terrorists have turned on their dictator sponsors. And even the most ardent Middle East conspiracy theorists are having troubling blaming the United States and Israel."

"Secretary of State John Kerry is still beating last century’s dead horse of a “comprehensive Middle East peace.” But does Kerry’s calcified diplomacy really assume that a peace agreement involving Israel would stop the ethnic cleansing of Egypt’s Coptic Christians? Does Israel have anything to do with Assad’s alleged gassing of his own people?"

(Facts are irrelevant-just remember that. So yes, Israel and the JOOOOOOS will still be blamed for everything. Without the Beeeeeg Satan/Little Satan boogeyman, these people have nothing to live for.)