Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Shot in Chicago Kids' "Safe Zone", Australian Student Murdered By Gang Thugs "For Fun"

So, the shootings continue in "gun free" Chicago. 

This time in a "safe zone" area for elementary school children. The people who were shot were in front of a church giving food out to homeless people.

Does this not demonstrate that certain pockets of American people do not have any value for human life?

Certain segments don't care about "safe zones" or school children or helping homeless people. They won't be shamed by "how could you do this" talk because they have no shame.

Think I'm wrong?

Australian student killed by black thugs "for fun".

They were bored, you see.

Where are the Trayvon-esque rallies?

The President, you see, did not have an imaginary son who would have looked like Chris Lane.

Piers Morgan, fool that he is, blames the gun culture! I take that back-it's not foolish, it's evil and racist.

He won't blame the culture of gangs, of single parents, of absent fathers, of G-dlessness, of lawlessness, he doesn't blame the individuals themselves for whom human life has no value.

Well I do.