Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fighting Back-And Fighting Back Hard

Pamella Geller is testifying before before a hearing of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director in Toronto, which oversees grievances against area police.

This is a good thing to do. Kudos to Geller for fighting back.

And this article makes it VERY CLEAR what this was about.

In my opinion, Rabbi Kaplan made the wrong choice. The moral value of this chaplaincy is questionable at best.

He should have told the YRP Diversity Stasi to shove it. 

However, at least he is coming clean here:

"Asked whether he ever felt intimidated or threatened, he said, “There was a very clear choice laid out to me. The police said, ‘we don’t believe this agrees with [our] values, so either you have to give up your chaplaincy or you can have this speech.’"

“I did something that I didn’t necessarily want to do because I had to do it.”

"He added, “It was a wise decision not to host her because it was not something worth losing my chaplaincy over.”

It is not true that he "had" to cave to them.

He had a choice.

We always have choices.

Bad choice, but at least now an honest and public admission of the intimidation.

So there's that.