Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Heartache: Bradley Manning Offered No Support in "Hyper Masculine" Military


Maybe mentally strange people should not be accepted into a volunteer army? 

Here is what happened with Mr. Manning in the "hyper masculine" army:

"Captain Michael Worsley, a clinical psychologist, evaluated and treated Manning between December 2009 and May 2010, when Manning was stationed in Iraq."

"Worsley said he became more aware of the severity of problems faced by Manning when he was awoken at 1.30am on May 8, hours after Manning was found curled up in a supply room, with a knife at his feet. That same day Manning had punched a female colleague."

"A few days earlier, Manning had sent the Worsley an email – apparently similar to one emailed his master sergeant – with a photograph attached of him dressed as a woman."

Here's the real kicker:

"Worsley, who has worked as an military doctor for five years, was critical of the army's ability to deal with soldiers who had gender identity disorder or were gay."

Heaven forbid, we should be critical about a military doctor who makes excuses for mentally ill people in their ranks. Perhaps the United States Army should NOT be a therapeutic centre for odd birds, but you know-fight wars and stuff.

As with Maj. Hassan at Ft. Hood-all the signs of a clearly disturbed individual were ignored.

The military prosecutor at least, has some brains:

"Cross-examining Worsley, military prosecutor Alexander von Elten suggested Manning was "not blaming himself" or "not acknowledging his role" in his own problems."

"Von Elten asked Worsley to interpret private online chats in which Manning called fellow soldiers "ignorant rednecks".

"It depends," Worsley replied.

"I can't say that I haven't called folks that I've worked with in the marine corps rednecks."

Really? Then you should be out on your butt as well.