Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Huma Abedin: Secret, "Special" Government Employee?

It has been established once and for all that Huma Abedin is neither "smart" or "accomplished".

(Despite having red lipstick that "takes her through tough times".)

But for the American government, she is a special employee. 

A very, very special employee.

So special that her role, and her designation and her responsibilities are Top Secret.

How special is that?

So now it's not just us right wing crazies asking about it. 

It's the ultra liberal New York Magazine raising questions.

While her husband is thankfully, probably no longer soliciting young women to reach out and touch him and his penis, even liberal publications are alright with Huma losing her "untouchable" status. 

It is not enough to say she is "losing her halo".

Americans should demand answers-lots of links in here.